Anti-Snap Locks

A technique often used for burglaries is lock snapping. As it is out of sight, the rear doors of the property are usually targeted where unless anti-snap locks are fitted burglars can quietly and easily gain access into your home.


Lock snapping is where they put force on cylinder until it snaps in the centre. They can then get into the mechanism as it is exposed and unlock the door with basic tools. Burglars can snap a lock out of a door in under 10 seconds. Even if your locks are flush fitting with the handles they can still cut the handles off to gain leverage.

Anti-snap locks have sacrificial snapping lines in the lock so if any force were to be put on the lock it would snap off before the centre and leave no leverage in the part of the cylinder remaining protecting access to the mechanism.

We also have an option for a variety of 3 Star anti-snap locks. This is the highest security option for a lock in your plastic UPVC or composite door. 3-star cylinders are perfect for extra security as they have multiple sacrificial snap lines and are designed to be anti-pick, anti-drill, anti-bump as well as anti-snap. Our standard anti snap locks that we fit will still prevent a burglar from snapping through the lock however the 3 star is just for extra precautions to make sure you have peace of mind.

People who are especially vulnerable to being targeted by thieves are people with cars or vans on their drive as most incidents we attend where lock snapping occurs is to get the keys to the vehicle to then steal it of the drive.

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