Door Adjustments & Repairs

Plastic UPVC and composite door repairs

If your door is not locking or shutting properly it can be down to many reasons such as the door mechanism becoming faulty, the door dropping and needing an adjustment and the lock cylinder becoming faulty. All hour’s locksmiths are equipped and have the knowledge to leave your door working like brand new. And if there are parts that need replacing, we give a 12-month guarantee to give you peace of mind we fit high quality locks, mechanisms, and any other parts.


Burglary repairs

When a burglary happens to your business or property it may leave you feeling vulnerable. However, with All Hours Locksmiths we will not only repair your door to its former glory. We also fit and supply anti snap locks and extra security features such as sash jammers to give you a much better sense of security and peace of mind. And we will explain how these security features work such as an anti-snap lock to give you an understanding of how your property is being protected from burglaries in the future.

Here are some common door problems we see regularly:


  • Key not locking the door.
  • Doors that wont close/open properly.
  • Damaged or worn out locks.
  • Misaligned door mechanisms.
  • Stiff door mechanism when lifting the handle.
  • Key wont turn enough to come out once locked.
  • Sticking keys when locking.

Emergency Locksmith West Midlands. We are available 24 hours a day for your peace of mind.

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All Hours Locksmiths

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