Door Lock Changes

Plastic Door Locks

Plastic door locking mechanisms


Have your door handles become loose and unresponsive?
This means that the gearbox on your locking mechanism needs to be repaired or replaced. If this happens and your door is locked up we have specialised tools and highly skilled locksmiths to get your doors open without causing damage the door or frame.


Can you lock the door but you can’t get your key out?


This is often caused by having a key in either side of the lock at the same time. To fix this we can come out and fit you a new euro cylinder.
Is your door sticking? Do you have to lift your door up to close it?
If the door has dropped and you have to lift the door by the handle your then your door needs to be reset. If the problem is not corrected then the locking mechanism will soon break due from being forced into position and taking the weight of the door. Replacing the locking mechanism is an expensive job, so if this has happened to your door then call All Hours Locksmiths for a quote.
Hinge readjustments:
If the door hasn’t dropped too much and is just catching at the bottom of your door, it just needs hinge readjustments which our services also provide.


Composite doors


Composite doors are the same as plastic doors. If the handles are loose and unresponsive you will need a new gearbox. If that gearbox isn’t available you will need a new strip. If the mechanism is a discontinued model we will fit the designated rescue mechanism which is designed to fit most UPVC and composite doors.

Wooden Door Locks

Night latches


If doors are fitted with night latches we can use picking or bypassing methods to successfully open the door without causing damage. If you have lost your keys and are worried about who might have them then we can replace your locks.


Mortice Locks


We can open Mortice Locks with different lock picking and bypassing methods to successfully open the door without destroying or replacing the lock. We can also replace old locks with new locks.

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