New Van Locks

New van locks

Unfortunately, van break ins happen much too often and if you are carrying tools and equipment in your van it is essential to upgrade your vans security. At our premises based in Willenhall, Walsall we fit the L4V Dead locks, L4V Slam locks and Rep locks. We take our time to prepare the metal on the vans to prevent rust and make sure it is neatly fitted leaving your van looking smart while providing much needed extra security.


L4V Deadlocks

These are the most the secure option out of two and are a great deterrent to burglars upgrading the vans security massively. We can fit these on all van types from old to new. Deadlocks work by locking a bolt into a keep fitted. The deadlock works separately from your central locking system as an added security feature.

L4V Slam locks

The L4V slam locks are a great option for postmen, delivery drivers and anyone opening their rear and sliding doors frequently. This lock works by disabling the handle mechanism and reconnecting this feature to a key operated lock. This prevents anybody other than the key holder opening the doors as the handle is disarmed and access is only gained through the slam locks.


Rep lock

The rep lock replaces the driver’s door lock on ford transit customs. It has a large flat flange to prevent anyone from being able to get any grips on the lock to turn it. It also has a higher security pinning system making it anti pick, ani bump and anti-drill.

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