Safes Unlocked

Safes unlocked

All hour’s locksmiths provide a non-destructive safe opening service for all levels of security safes. Once we gain access, we can then replace the lock inside with new keys if the previous keys are completely lost. We have many specialist picks to gain access to high security safes for a business or homeowner. And we can gain access to household digital safes also.

Safe opening service

With digital safes once we gain access we can replace the batteries for you however we advise you to replace the batteries at least every 12 months to prevent them running out leaving no power to be able to unlock your safe . Furthermore, if you have broken your key off in the safe or can no longer get your key inside the lock this is something we can also resolve.

Emergency Locksmith West Midlands. We are available 24 hours a day for your peace of mind.

All Hours Locksmiths

All Hours Locksmiths

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